service desk

Service Desk

A secure, role-managed ticketing system with an easy-to-use, responsive interface.

project management

Project Management

For the first time, see a complete picture of resource availability across all work.

resource management

Resource Management

Knowing all projects' task assignments and support provides resource clarity.



Integrate with your Google or Exchange and schedule tickets and tasks.

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What is TeamHeadquarters?

TeamHeadquarters integrates service requests, problems, project tasks and end-user calendars into a single, low-cost, effective solution. SMBs embrace the simplicity of our app and its silo-less approach to Work Management — especially in IT.

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What is our value proposition?

When investing in our easy-to-use application suite to manage all of your Planned, Unplanned and Operational work, you will simplify your IT team's work environment, ease the burden on management, improve your customer relations and significantly reduce your human resource and software applications costs.

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Integrated IT Work Management

TeamHeadquarters is Service Desk

TeamHeadquarters service and help desk provides your IT services team with a secure, role-managed ticketing system that includes an easy-to-use, responsive interface. Service Desk contains key components of Gartner's ITSSM Tools and ITOM. Your team and customers benefit from limitless ticketing, problem management, file management and integrated scheduling and time tracking.

TeamHeadquarters is Project Management

TeamHeadquarters Project Management makes it easy to plan, execute and control your IT projects. TeamHeadquarters is a simple, yet effective, alternative to MS Project and Project Server. Import MS Project plans into TeamHeadquarters Project Management or, if you do not use MS Project, then you can easily build projects within TeamHeadquarters.

TeamHeadquarters is Resource Management

Resource Management is vital for Project Managers to plan and schedule all project resources. Reviewing each team member's past activity, and understanding current task assignments from all projects and support work provides a clear picture of project status. The Project Manager has more control, eliminating any guesswork when assigning tasks to a resource.