My Organizations

Comprehensive customer dashboard

Integrated with TeamHeadquarters™, My Organizations delivers a comprehensive customer dashboard that transcends projects and queues and provides a unified view of all departments, contacts, projects, queues, tasks and tickets for a single organization.

TeamHeadquarters organization frontpage

My Organizations - Front Page

My Organizations, provides a consolidated dashboard by Organization, Department or Contact for all projects, queues, tasks and tickets.

TeamHeadquarters organization dashboard

My Organizations - Customer Dashboard

Whether you're servicing internal or external customers, TeamHeadquarters provides a comprehensive Customer Dashboard listing the customer details, departments, contacts, projects, queues, tasks and tickets. The Dashboard itself provides the information you need when reacting to customer requirements including: task and ticket statistics, project progress and reports.

TeamHeadquarters organization Detail

My Organizations - Organization Detail

My Organizations detail exists for top level Organizations as well as for Departments and Contacts. Each has a slightly different screen but each provides the appropriate detail of that level. Projects, queues, tickets and tasks associated with the Organization, Department and Customer will be consolidated for a single view into all projects, queues, tasks and tickets for that Organization, Department and Customer.

TeamHeadquarters organization Detail

My Organizations - Organization Projects

Organization Projects lists all the projects for the Organization, Department or Customer, (depending on what level you have selected). The user can quickly see key project stats and can drill down into the project dashboard and details from here. There are no limits to the number of projects a customer can have so we allow you to filter open or closed projects.

TeamHeadquarters organization Queues

My Organizations - Organization Queues

My Organization queues allows you to setup and isolate Organization or customer specific queues. This is a perfect solution for customers with special requirements or heavy support loads. Drill down into the queue(s) to see ticket detail and work on the tickets from the Organization Queue.

TeamHeadquarters organization tasks

My Organizations - Organization Tasks

My Organization tasks lists all the tasks from all the projects filtered by your active filters of in process, overdue, future, milestones this week, closed this week and due. You can even set your own filters and save them for future use. Sort, and customize the column layout to deliver the exact information you're looking for. Drill down into the task to get additional details like the work history, predecessors, and time entries.

TeamHeadquarters organization tickets

My Organizations - Organization Tickets

My Organizations tickets brings all the tickets together for your customer, regardless of the queue they are in. Filter your tickets using our easy to use filters: in process, overdue, future, closed this week, due; or any variety of custom filters you define. Customize the grid view to display what you want and use the advanced search to scan all the tickets to find what you're looking for. Drill down into the ticket to work on it, capture time, review history and time entries.