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Project Management Software with Help Desk supporting New York City Business

See why the NYC business community is selecting TeamHeadquaters for Project Management


TeamHeadquarters Project Management Makes It Easy to Plan, Execute and Control Your IT Projects.

TeamHeadquarters is a simple, yet effective, alternative to MS Project and Project Server. Import MS Project plans into TeamHeadquarters Project Management with ease!

Status reports and project updates have never been easier to produce and distribute to your project stakeholders.

You'll have total control of project tasks, integrated email's, comprehensive resource management, task Gantt scheduling, portfolio dashboards, integrated status reporting, and reporting.

This unique and complete integration with the help desk makes TeamHeadquarters your best choice. Project Managers can, for the first time, see a full picture of resource availability across all work (not just projects) and trends before they assign them to tasks.

The results: More controlled projects, highly productive teams, and happier customers.

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