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Service Desk

Integrated IT Work Management with TeamHeadquarters

TeamHeadquarters service and help desk provides your IT services team with a secure, role-managed ticketing system that includes an easy-to-use, responsive interface. Service Desk contains key components of Gartner's ITSSM Tools and ITOM. Your team and customers benefit from limitless ticketing, problem management, file management and integrated scheduling and time tracking.

With flexible licensing, you're assured of receiving the best value regardless of how you deploy: SaaS, purchase, subscription or hosted.

teamheadquarters my queues dashboard

Queue Dashboards

The TeamHeadquarters My Queues Dashboard gives the Queue Manager instantaneous feedback on what's occurring across all queues he or she is managing.

The Dashboard's graphical interface shows multiple "channels" dialed into specific data, including tickets, problems, time entries, ticket volumes by product and location.

Clicking on any data-element on the My Queues Dashboard connects you immediately with that item or filtered list.

Identify risks, increase awareness of potential problems and give your customers outstanding service with TeamHeadquarters My Queues Dashboard.

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Help Desk

A key component of the Service Desk system, the TeamHeadquarters Help Desk, provides ticketing services to all areas of your organization — not just IT.

  • Create an unlimited number of ticket queues and staff them appropriately.

  • Create custom email addresses, e.g., or, and automatically create tickets and assign them to staff.

  • Use Problem/Incident Management to manage large volumes of tickets relating to a common problem.

teamheadquarters customer self service portal new ticket screen

Customer Self-Service Portal

TeamHeadquarters' integrated Customer Self-Service Portal enables customers to create tickets, attach documents and prepare updates as they also maintain a tight line of communications with the service staff.

Facilitate communications with customers on projects, project tasks and tickets.

teamheadquarters customer self service portal new ticket screen

Queue Management

Queue managers can create and staff queues across the organization and assign each queue a set of ticket templates and Email Agents.

teamheadquarters customer self service portal new ticket screen

Asset Management

Collected and managed assets are integral to incident and problem management. With TeamHeadquarters Asset Management tool, you can connect a single asset or multiple assets to incidents; capture vital assets and vendor and purchase data; and connect assets to service requests, (incidents) and problems.

teamheadquarters my calendar ticket scheduling screen

Ticket Scheduling

Integrate your scheduled tickets with your calendar while taking into account work and personal calendars from Google and Microsoft Exchange. TeamHeadquarters provides you with a single location to schedule all your work and a quick and painless method for all users to capture time for their timesheets.

teamheadquarters notifications


With TeamHeadquarters, it's easy and effortless to keep customers, team members and interested parties up to date on activities and requirements, regarding tickets, tasks, projects and ticket queues. Then, when you need the data, it's always available in "history."

teamheadquarters ticket filters

Ticket Filters

With TeamHeadquarters Ticket Filters, finding and combining filters has never been easier or quicker. Create endless filters and save them to your favorites.

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Key ITIL Components

  • Availability Management
  • Capacity Management
  • Asset Management
  • Service Desk
  • IT Operations
  • Incident Management
  • Problem Management
  • Root Cause Management