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TeamHeadquarters Additional Features

Included with every installation and subscription.

It's all included!

TeamHeadquarters delivers a big punch for the dollar. No extra costs for portals, email engines, reporting tools .... it's all included in our one low price for each license model.

Active Directory/LDAP Integration

windows active directory

TeamHeadquarters has the option to bind the users' account with their Active Directory user account so the user can use their AD user ID and Password to log into the software. Auto authentication is also an option so that the user is automatically logged into TeamHeadquarters when authenticated within their network.

Global Contacts Management

resource management - bodies for global contacts

Global contacts is like a mini CRM system. Even if you use AD you can add contacts that don't belong in AD easily. Add Organizations, Departments and Contacts and create unlimited levels of organization structures that can be used for reporting purposes.

Customer Self Service Portal

TeamHeadquarters integrated Customer Self Service Portal enable customers to create tickets, attach documents, create updates all while keeping a tight line of communication with the service staff.

Facilitate communications with customers on projects, project tasks and tickets.


TeamHeadquarters dashboards: "My Work", "My Projects", "My Queues" and "My Company". Each of these provides real-time reporting on tickets, tasks, documents, activities, and resource utilization.

Project, ticket, timesheet and queues reporting is available using our state of the art" Telerik Reports. With Telerik Reports end users can:

  • Run TeamHeadquarters reports and export them to multiple platforms


Finding tickets, tasks, and projects is easy with TeamHeadquarters. Our Global Search function allows you to search for anything using super-fast indexing. Additional searching and filtering is available from every TeamHeadquarters search grid. Filter on any column and combine each filter to create a "super-search". Save the filter to your profile and use it when you need it or set it as your default filter.

Document Storage

TeamHeadquarters provides you with unlimited file storage capabilities. Store project management files against the parent project or, store additional documents against project tasks or project tickets. Similarly, store documents against help desk queues or directly against tickets. Share your documents with the team with ease.

Store documents against service requests and incidents, tasks, projects and queues.

My Company

It's one thing to get all the information to technicians and project managers but it's another point entirely to understand how the IT organization is performing. What's our ticket volume? How are projects doing? Are resources being utilized effectively? All these questions are answered in the "My Company" view. Accessible only to managers, this view provides you a dashboard on your IT Organization.

Time Sheets

TeamHeadquarters is heavily focused on the individual's time sheet. Collection of the data has never been so easy, especially when using the calendar to schedule your tickets, tasks, work on projects and management of queues. Use our Reporting to mine rich timesheet data or download timesheet data and use spreadsheets and pivot tables.


TeamHeadquarters will update customers, interested parties and staff rostered on queues, projects, tickets and tasks with an email notifications. An ideal communication tool, TeamHeadquarters supports both automatic and manual notifications.



TeamHeadquarters' integrated calendar connects with both Exchange and Gmail accounts for integrated calendar management. Schedule tickets and tasks in your integrated TeamHeadquarters.