“Using a single application to manage our service, support, and projects has greatly simplified our operations”

Manage your support & projects with ease!

service desk

Help Desk

A secure, role-managed ticketing system with an easy-to-use, responsive interface.
project management

Project Management

For the first time, see a complete picture of resource availability across all work.
resource managemet

Resource Management

Knowing all projects’ task assignments and support provides resource clarity.
project and work scheduling


Integrate with your Google or Exchange and schedule tickets and tasks.

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TeamHeadquarters Quick Overview

TeamHeadquarters Vertical Applications

Below are just a few industries that benefit from using TeamHeadquarters!

manufacturing process


TeamHeadquarters solves manufacturers’ problems in IT, customer service, and project management.¬†Eliminate multiple, stand-alone applications for support, projects, and customer service; they’re integrated into TeamHeadquarters.


The proliferation of technology in hospitals has placed an enormous demand on IT. TeamHeadquarters supports mission critical systems and operations, customer service and project management for the delivery of healthcare services.
manufacturing process


The transportation businesses are complex, highly intense operations requiring specialized support. TeamHeadquarters supports complex businesses with multiple business units.
manufacturing process


Educational institutions are focusing their teams on important projects and services to improve approval ratings and compete for students.
manufacturing process

Service Organizations

TeamHeadquarters delivers flexible systems that can adopt to diverse business requirements.
manufacturing process

Municipal Government

Control your entire municipality’s support and operations with a single fully integrated help desk and project management system.