About Us

Est: 1998

Our mission is to simplify your business life!

Project management and help desk made easy.

Who is Entry Software?

Since 1998 our vision has been clear and consistent. It’s about managing All Work in a unified simple-to-use application.

We are aware that work comes in various shapes and sizes with competing priorities and that work management systems like TeamHeadquarters, must allow users to manage different types of work across multiple business units with ease.

Our vision on how to handle different types of work is our guiding principle that forms and evolves the TeamHeadquarters work management suite.

Entry Software provides TeamHeadquarters with various deployment options. Our Saas Service and On-Premise deployment enable our customers to select the option that best meets their business needs.

Our Mission

To provide small and medium sized business with a simple unified system that supports the management of planned and unplanned work across the enterprise to meet the business demands of today and the future.

Our Customer Results

In collaboration with our clients, we’ve established our insights and abilities to:

1. Simplify time collection and scheduling that resulted in:

  • High system adoption
  • Accurate and timely resource management
  • Reduced administrative burden for all team members

2. Increase HR efficiency with reduced costs by:

  • Harmonizing company work-silos
  • Consolidating multiple software applications
  • Simplifying data collection for reporting is reducing administration time.