team warm upLet’s think about Project Management Meetings in a new, effective way.

You probably perform a project management update meeting or SCRUM on a daily basis, typically in the morning before everyone gets going. If you are struggling with your meeting, or if your team is struggling with it the here are some suggestions for you that should make your meeting fun, energetic and valuable.

manage projects like a proWhy not consider it a warm up to a daily work out? What would you do to warm up? Stretch muscles, get warm, get pumped up, GET EXCITED! All of these things are part of the journey toward a great work out.

If you get the team properly warmed up, just like a body, you will have a more effective, enjoyable, painfree work day. When performing a workout you’re preparing the body for the exertions ahead in a safe and responsible manner. When warming up the team your focusing them in on business objectives, engaging them, exciting them.

How do we want to warm up our team every day?

We want to have them feeling ready to work, ready to achieve particular goals and objectives we want them feeling part of the team and we want an invigorated workplace. To conduct the project warm up establish some rules:

  1. It’s a warm up not a work out. Let’s not turn this warm-up session into a major workout. If we jump right into the work out without warming up we know we’ll have some pain later and the likelihood of sustaining our workouts diminishes. To achieve our warm up goals we’ll keep it light, keep it fast, keep it short.
  2. Keep your eyes on the prize. Make sure that your warm-up is focusing your team on what you want to achieve for that day or week. For example if today is the day you’re working out your abdominal muscles you focus your warm up around the abdominal muscles and those muscles that support the abdominal area. You’re not going to be focused on legs arms or other subsystems of the body you will however also warm-up the brain.
  3. Use the SCRUM stand up rules to execute the meeting.
Now lets get some energy happening in our work and lets keep it energized. See how this can be accomplished with a TeamHeadquarters demonstration.
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