(Last Updated On: January 17, 2018)

The best friend customer respects the employee, listens and is positive. The enemy neglects to listen or perceive any other point of view except their own. Sounds familiar? Customers come in all shapes and sizes, and that includes different personalities. Despite some of the hassles they may cause, they are a reason your business has become what it is. Many companies show appreciation to their customers, by offering free gifts on their next purchase. From a customer perspective, this is amazing! However, there are also ways to appreciate a valued customer that makes them feel special, without fixing the budget.

Solid, Consistent Customer Service

Customers want to feel appreciated and valued while doing business with you, and this can start with just having great customer service. Simple things like having the right people answering the phone, positively acting as the face of your company can boost your customer service dramatically. Training your employees to comprise the needed customer service skills will show a huge difference in your customer relationships. Positive and attentive are very important and can show that your employees care about the customer. Nailing this area of service can quickly show positive relationships with customers, costing you little to nothing extra.

Start a VIP or Affiliate Club

VIP or affiliate clubs can not only give the customer exclusive deals or discounts, but it also motivates them to continue to purchase or direct new business to your company. They can be designed however you see fit; although they usually include a points system, depending on how much customers have purchased, or how long they have been a customer, customers can gain points they can spend on items such as discounts. This way the customer has to be invested in your company before they begin to get discounts. Therefore the customer will feel valued while your company saves some money due to the fact that it’s not giving out discounts or gifts to common customers.

Personal Emails

The little things people do sometimes have the biggest impact on someone’s life. Sending emails designed in a uniquely to customers let them know how much their service means to the company. Other email subjects such as wishing them a happy holiday can add a personal relationship with your customer. Allowing this, makes the customer feel special because it’s not just a spam email that’s sent to everyone. It shows that the company took time to that specific customer and show you care.

Social Media Callouts or “Shoutouts”

Social media has grown over the past decade and is now the main way the world communicates to one another. Some including Facebook, Twitter, Snapchat or Instagram. Companies take to these social media to advertise their product or service and connect with their customers. Another inexpensive way to appreciate a customer is to directly communicate with them on a social media page. This can be done with writing a sincere tweet, Instagram post or Facebook post maybe including a little about them, a picture and why they are valued. Giving the customer a special feeling, and making them happy.

Offer Fun Events

Organizing a couple events a year at different locations can bring the community together, but also make them feel valued. These events can include little booths displaying what the company is all about and offer free little gifts, music, and food. A creative approach that can be done, sells food and broadcasts that all the proceeds will be donated to a charity. This will boost your business’s public relations which can make the customers feel like they are helping, but also shows the company gives back. In general, organizing events can get the name of the company out in different communities at a low cost, while it also reveals the love and appreciation the company has towards their customers.

The little things that are done can sometimes be the biggest. Customers are very important to a company and should be shown appreciation for their time invested in your company. Beginning with overall customer service, having the trained employees deal with customers with the correct skills such as respect, listening, and patience can display extreme value towards the customer. Once the company has customer service down, they can start reaching out to new ways to appreciate their customers. Maintaining good relationships with customers, by making them feel valued, can get the companies name out in a positive way, benefiting the company dramatically.

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