(Last Updated On: February 5, 2019)

Pasadena City College uses TeamHeadquarters to organize projects, support and ad-hoc work within their Management Information Services department.

The Need:

Pasadena City College is one of California’s 108 Community Colleges. With more than 25,000 registered students, the college offers degree programs in Arts and Sciences, transfers to four Institutions and Job Retraining/Vocational Education degrees.

The Management Information Services department provides technology leadership, implementation, maintenance, and support for the college’s computing platforms.

The 36-person MIS team manages applications and systems that support over 30,000 users, including staff and students, across the 53-acre campus.

The team needs to balance their resources across day-to-day activities, implementation/upgrade projects, and future planning.

The Solution:

Implemented Entry Software Corporation’s TeamHeadquarters to unify the work on projects and day-to-day support.

The Result:

Organized the portfolio of planned and on-going projects into a consistent format in a central database.

Implemented a process to ensure Project Charters are consistent and current.

Streamlined the ongoing planning and budgeting process for MIS projects.

Adopted TeamHeadquarters Ticket Queues to assign, prioritize, and track work assignments across the variety of activities driven by the MIS team.


  1. Ease of managing resources between proactive and reactive work
  2. Improved planning and tracking of key initiatives
  3. Support responsiveness
  4. Reduced costs
  5. Better record keeping
  6. Greater clarity for the priorities set by management

The Customer:

“ TeamHeadquarters has enabled a central repository for all MIS activity for both projects and work tickets and also provides an effective way to communicate with our MIS staff and internal customers.”

Dale Pittman
Director, Management Information Services
Pasadena City College

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