TeamHeadquarters Resource Management

Full transparency

Resource Management is vital for Project Managers to plan and schedule all project resources. Reviewing each team member’s past activity, and understanding current task assignments from all projects and support work provides a clear picture of project status. With Resource Management the Project Manager has more control and eliminates guesswork when assigning tasks to a resource.

Key components of TeamHeadquarters Resource Management:

  • Resource dashboards
  • Ticket and task updates
  • Calendar Scheduling
  • Time sheets
  • Resource availability while assigning tasks

Work Class Breakdown Dashboard

As each user is created, their distribution across the work classes of operational work, planned work and support work is determined. These become the baseline estimates of work distribution from which actual work is compared. Comparisons are displayed on the dashboard and contrasted against the baseline and provide users and managers with a visual guide for resource availability.

Work Class Statistics

TeamHeadquarters delivers Work Class (operational work, planned work and support work) information to the individual and team manager. The Work Class information indicates maximum resource utilization and determines the availability of resources for project tasks.

Task Assignment Resource Availability

TeamHeadquarters provides the Project Manager with the resources’ actual availability when he or she is assigning tasks. With this valuable insight, the Project Manager can make effective judgment calls and react to resource availability in real time. The individual is notified by email when assigned the task — any conflicts can be resolved quickly.

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