TeamHeadquarters Overview

Integrate Projects with Help Desk & simplify your business!

TeamHeadquarters Help Desk and Project Management Software improves customer satisfaction with a fully integrated, easy to use, help desk with a responsive UX.  The help desk allows for ticketing, problem tracking, file storage, scheduling, and timesheet reporting.

Both small and large projects become a snap with TeamHeadquarters Project Management.

Experience a dramatic increase in resource management and calendars with built-in scheduling, and timesheets and our exclusive Team Management system.

Centralization of all your work in TeamHeadquarters makes client management through My Organizations becomes easy.

Manage all projects and help desk tickets centrally through our management tools in My Company.

TeamHeadquarters Quick Overview

Help Desk Improves Customer Service Satisfaction Levels 

Help Desk Features

  • Incident & problem management
  • Resource management
  • Change request management
  • Multiple ticket queues
  • Time tracking
  • Service request portal
  • Email notifications


TeamHeadquarters is an easy-to-use help desk ticketing system. Your support team and your customers benefit from easy to use software, unlimited ticketing, problem management, file management, integrated scheduling and time tracking.

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Help Desk


  • Project planning
  • Gantt chart
  • Project portfolio reporting
  • Resource planning
  • Import/export
  • Document storage
  • Integrated calendar
  • Time tracking


With TeamHeadquarters Project Management Project Managers can assign tasks to resources with complete visibility of existing service and operational tickets and tasks. Integrated calendars provide additional visibility of resource availability.

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Project Management

Resource Management Features

  • Work dashboards
  • Projects dashboards
  • Ticket dashboards
  • Client-specific dashboards
  • Project staffing, task resourcing
  • Resource availability prediction


Resource Management provides clarity for project task assignments and resource load balancing.

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Resource Management

Scheduling Features

  • Ticket scheduling
  • Task scheduling
  • Operations scheduling
  • Integrated with Google & Exchange for calendaring
  • Unplanned event scheduling
  • Synchronizes with Outlook


Each TeamHeadquarters user has a built-in calendar with options to integrate with Outlook or Google Calendar. Each user can schedule their work: tasks, tickets, operational activities, and other events.

Team Reporting Features

  • Project, Queue and Custom teams
  • Project team list, Queue team list, and Custom team list
  • Resource availability
  • View calendar and schedule work
  • Employee timesheet management and reporting


With TeamHeadquarters My Teams you can create unlimited teams for projects and ticket queues, view and modify team schedules and time sheets, print timesheet reports and view and manage ticket load. Team member availability for project work over the next eight weeks and their total hours available.

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My Teams

My Organization Features

  • Manage organizations, departments, and contacts
  • Dashboard by organization, department and contact
  • Watch projects by client
  • Oversee tickets, and queues by client
  • View tasks by client
  • Generate Organizational reports by company, department, and contact


My Organization delivers comprehensive customer dashboards that watch your projects and queues to provide a unified view of all departments, contacts, projects, queues, tasks, and tickets for a single client.

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My Organizations


  • Company dashboard, all queues, tickets, tasks, and projects
  • Service Desk dashboard across all queues
  • Project list with key data and drill-down capability
  • Queue list with key data and drill-down capability


Built for the Manager, TeamHeadquarters delivers high-level management data with drill-down capability into projects, planned and unplanned support work.

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My Company