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TeamHeadquarters™ Overview

View a quick overview of TeamHeadquarters™ functionality that includes: Project Management, Help Desk, Work Management, Executive Tools, Client Management and the System Administrator.

My Calendar – Organize your work schedule with a view into your work calendar

This video training session is on the TeamHeadquarters™ calendar.The TeamHeadquarters™ calendar has been designed so that you can do all of your work in one location regardless of whether it is support, operations, or planned project work.

My Work Dashboard – Your consolidated view of all work with easy access

Instructional video on the My Work Dashboard. The TeamHeadquarters™ my work dashboard presents five channels to the end-user. These channels are: tasks due, tickets due, work scheduled, this week, and recent activity.

TeamHeadquarters™ Help Desk Queues

Instructional video on creating and managing TeamHeadquarters™ help desk queues.

My Tickets – Manage your service & support requests with ease

This video training session is an introduction to TeamHeadquarters™ tickets. Tickets in TeamHeadquarters™ are used to capture service requests, service incidents, project issues, and change requests and any variety of interactions between customers service and project teams.

My Tasks – Easy access to update your assigned project tasks

Instructional video on My Tasks. TeamHeadquarters™ My Tasks my tasks helps the service agent manage project tasks that are assigned to them, communicate with customers, team members and the project manager and capture time against tasks.

My Timesheets – All time entries are consolidated on your time sheet

Instructional video on My Timesheets. The TeamHeadquarters™ My Timesheet function in TeamHeadquarters™ is a central repository of all time entries for tickets, tasks, projects and queues.

My Projects – Dashboard

Instructional video on the My Projects Dashboard. The team headquarters my projects dashboard provides the project manager and members of the project team a quick snapshot of many aspects of their projects. From the dashboard you can quickly grasp task issues, ticket issues, and see recent activity.

Creating a TeamHeadquarters™ Project

This video is about Creating a TeamHeadquarters™ Project. The purpose of the TeamHeadquarters™ project management system is to:

  1. Consolidate all project and non-project work in one application;
  2. Provide end users all project task and support requests in a single system which allows them to prioritize action;
  3. Report on resources across both service desk and project management;
  4. To provide the project manager with accurate resource allocation information at the time of task assignment

TeamHeadquarters™ Gantt Part 1 – Adding Tasks

Instructional video on how to manually add tasks to a TeamHeadquarters™ project.

TeamHeadquarters™ Gantt Part 2 – Importing MS Project files and exporting too.

Instructional video on importing MS Project files into the TeamHeadquarters™ Gantt Chart. This video also shows you how to export files from TeamHeadquarters™ to MS Project.